About us: Leadership

Like the community we serve, the healthcare team at Columbia Memorial Hospital is made up of diverse individuals with unique talents. Working together, we focus our efforts on a common vision: We are passionate about providing the highest quality health care experience possible through excellence, partnership, innovation and communication. We embrace an integration of biological, social, intellectual, spiritual and environmental services that supports the mind, body and spirit of our patients and staff.

Ken Boucher
Vice President of the Medical Group

Ken Boucher, VP-Medical Group


Phone: 503-338-7505

Stephanie Brenden
Vice President of Finance

Stephanie Brenden, VP-Finance


Phone: 503-338-7505

Trece Gurrad
Vice President of Clinical Services

Trece Gurrad, VP-Clinical Services


Phone: 503-338-7505

Jarrod Karnofski, DPT
Vice President of Ancillary & Support Services

Jarrod Karnofski, VP-Ancillary & Support Services


Phone: 503-338-7505

Erik Thorsen Erik Thorsen
Chief Executive Officer


Phone: 503-338-7505