Patients & visitors: Billing and insurance

As you recover from your illness or injury, we know that questions or concerns about medical expenses can add to what can already be a stressful time.

As part of our mission at Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) to “provide compassion and excellence in health care for the Lower Columbia Region,” we are committed to providing high-quality health care for all, regardless of financial status.

We offer several payment options, including prompt-pay discounts, private-pay discounts and revolving payment plans, as well as financial assistance programs. For billing or insurance questions, payment arrangements, or information on financial assistance, call 503-338-7530 or 800-962-2407.

Your hospital bill

After you receive care at CMH, we will immediately bill your insurance company. It can take 30 days or more to process of your bill. Once insurance has paid, you will be responsible for any remaining balance unpaid by your insurance provider. At that time, you will receive a statement notifying you of the amount. We ask that you remit payment in full or set up a payment plan within 30 days. There is a prompt-pay discount of 5 percent if payment is received within 30 days of your first statement.

Your insurance coverage

Please provide us with complete insurance coverage and contact information when you register. If we are contracted with your insurance company, we will submit a claim for payment in accordance with the managed care contract. You will be asked to pay any co-payment or deductible at the time of service. If we do not receive payment from your insurance company promptly, we will ask you to contact them directly to arrange for payment.


If you are covered by Medicare, we will file your claim for you. If you have a Medicare supplemental policy, upon our receipt of payment from Medicare we will bill your supplemental carrier as well. CMH is a Medicare-designated Critical Access Hospital. This designation means if you are admitted to the hospital after an emergency room visit or if you are in observation status before your inpatient admission, you will receive two bills for your stay at CMH.

Your billing responsibilities

CMH will make every effort to verify insurance eligibility and benefits. We will also attempt to obtain authorization in accordance with your insurance company’s policies. However, as the insured, you are ultimately responsible for knowing your benefits. Please check with your insurance company before receiving nonemergent services to ensure CMH is contracted and whether or not prior authorization is required.

Physician billing

Physician services may be billed separately from your hospital services depending upon your insurance and their claims filing requirements.

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