Services: Breast health

The Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) Breast Health Program provides outreach and education to women and men regarding breast health to reduce the burden of breast cancer in Oregon and SW Washington. Our program uses a multidisciplinary approach that includes a breast health educator, clinical staff, the imaging department, and members of our patient financial services team.

A breast health educator is available for one-on-one and group education or awareness events. Our message focuses on breast cancer facts, risk factors, and risk reduction of breast cancer. We are here to ensure that you are familiar with screening guidelines and are aware of when you should schedule your screening. CMH recommends annual mammograms for women age 40 and over with an average risk of breast cancer.

Financial assistance for mammograms or other screening or diagnostic procedures to rule out the presence of breast cancer is available.

Columbia Memorial Hospital offers the following breast imaging services:

Screening mammography: Radiologists analyze suspicious areas of the mammogram with state-of-the-art digital mammography equipment and computer-aided detection technology (CAD).

Diagnostic Services:

  • Diagnostic mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Image-guided needle biopsy
  • Pre-operative breast lesion localization
  • Direct access to breast MRI and nuclear medicine sentinel node procedures

Columbia Memorial Hospital utilizes current American Cancer Society recommendations and board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists to provide the best quality care possible for our patients and partner physicians. Our CMH Imaging Services are ACR and MQSA/FDA certified. All mammograms performed through Columbia Memorial Hospital are interpreted by radiologists accredited by the American College of Radiology.

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To schedule a breast health educator for an education event or to learn about financial assistance for breast health services, please call 503-338-4520.

To schedule a mammogram or speak to a caregiver from CMH Imaging Services, please call 503-338-4025.

Contact us » 503-338-4520 or 503-338-5759