Services: Breast health

Identifying your risk for and early detection of breast cancer are the goals of our breast health education program. 

The breast health program is a multidisciplinary program that includes our trained community breast health educators, trained breast screening physicians and our imaging unit to provide a thorough approach to breast health education and screening.

The breast health educators are available for one –on – one and group consultation regarding risk issues, training on the importance and performance of self breast exam and to provide mammography information and general breast health education.  Our breast health educators can also link you to a medical provider trained in the most up to date breast exam techniques, as well as connect you with resources to cover the cost of your mammogram.  The CMH Breast Imaging Unit offers state – of – the –art digital mammography with computer assisted detection technology that aids the radiologist in analyzing suspicious areas of the mammogram.  CMH utilizes the “Mammo-Pad”.  The Mammo Pad has been proven to reduce the discomfort and coldness that many women feel during the mammogram.

CMH also offers financial assistance for mammography for the uninsured and underinsured. These programs are provided by the Oregon Breast and Cervical Program (BCCP) and the CMH Foundation. 

CMH recommends an annual mammogram for all women over age 40 with an average risk of breast cancer.  For those with risk factors, including family history of breast cancer, please consult with your physician or one of our breast health educators about the frequency of and age to begin mammograms.


We are in the CMH Community Education Center and the CMH/OHSU Cancer Care Center.

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