Services: Breast health

Identifying your risk for and early detection of breast cancer are the goals of our breast health education program. For those on the breast cancer journey, we will help guide you through treatments with informative and supp ortive services.

Columbia Memorial Hospital's Breast Imaging Unit offers state-of-the-art digital mammography with computer assisted detection technology that assists the radiologist in analyzing suspicious areas of a mammogram. We use the MammoPad, which reduces the discomfort many women feel during mammography.

Financial assistance for mammograms for the uninsured and those unable to pay is provided by both the Oregon Breast and Cervical Program and the CMH Foundation. We recommend an annual mammogram for all women over age 40 with an average risk of breast cancer. For those with risk factors, talk to your physician about the frequency of and age to begin mammograms.

Nancy Magathan, RN coordinates the early detection and screening portion of our program. Care for our breast cancer patients is coordinated by our oncology nurses. Our education program emphasizes passionate attention to the educational needs and knowledge of our clients. Attention to physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial needs of our patients is critical to our clinical care. Both individual and group support is provided.


We are in the CMH Community Education Center and the CMH Cancer Center.

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