Services: Pharmacy

Inpatient pharmacy

The Department of Pharmacy strives to provide excellent pharmaceutical care for all CMH patients and offers assistance meeting patients’ medication and information needs. The department works in cooperation with the hospital and the CMH medical staff by providing cost-efficient distribution, drug education and clinical services.

24-hour drug distribution

The CMH Pharmacy offers central pharmacy order entry, unit-dose drug dispensing, IV admixtures and barcode labeling.

Clinical pharmacy services

Our services include patient medication histories and medication calendars as well as medication and discharge education. Pharmacy services also include drug information for medical staff, pharmacokinetic drug dosing and monitoring, and vaccine screening.

It is important that your provider know what medications you are taking. Please click here and download a copy of our Medication Information Form. Fill it out and bring a copy with you when visiting any health care provider. It is a good idea to make copies of the completed form and carry one with you at all times.


The pharmacy unit is at the main campus, accessible via the East entrance.

Contact us » 325-4321, ext. 3419