Volunteers: Opportunities

Hospital Guides

Hospital Guide volunteers are essential to the operation of CMH.  Guides have a variety of tasks that they perform throughout their shifts.  Guides sit at the information desks at the East and West lobbies, answering question and directing patients to their destinations.  Guides also escort people to departments and from one area of the hospital to another.  They make deliveries throughout the buildings and run errands.  This is an active job and volunteers must be in good physical condition.

CMH Gift Shop

CMH has recently opened a beautiful new Gift Shop.  Volunteers who enjoy interacting with people and have an interest or experience in retail sales are needed in this thriving small business.  We are also planning to expand our hours to include some evenings and weekends, so you can flex your schedule to fit this job.

The Red Cart Project

Filled with all kinds of goodies, the Red Cart volunteers deliver everything from fuzzy socks and Sudoku books to computer games and CD’s right to the patient’s door.  These volunteers have the opportunity to interact directly with our patients, brightening their days with fun diversions and a smile.

Cookie Bakers

In keeping with the Planetree philosophy of creating a comforting environment, the volunteer cookie bakers use our own portable oven to send a delicious aroma throughout the East end of the hospital.  The cookie volunteers deliver their fresh baked cookies to both patients and staff.  Volunteers in this area must get a Food Handlers Card now available online.

Volunteer Companions Levels I and II

Level I Volunteer Companions stay at the bedside with patients who are at risk for fall or have other needs that require one-on-one supervision.  These volunteers are on call to assist nursing staff in supporting our most vulnerable patients.

Level II Volunteer Companions work with patients who are struggling with drug and alcohol issues.  This group of committed volunteers assists patients during their hospital stay and offers resources to for patients to use once they are discharged.

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Contact us: Laura Lenhardt, volunteer services »503-325-4321