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Annual Report 2020 Resilience in action

Looking back on a year of COVID-19 Back to Annual Report

Up to the challenge

What a year 2020 was! The COVID-19 pandemic was a test of our global, national and local health care systems.

The pandemic brought a halt to many routine hospital services at first. As we learned more about the virus, CMH's medical providers and administration worked together to modify procedures and processes so that we could safely perform elective surgeries and provide follow-up care. These modified processes also gave our medical providers the tools to continue to safely provide inpatient care.

Moving forward, with gratitude

Even as we were adapting to the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brought, the CMH professional staff continued moving forward in several major areas. CMH's physicians became more closely integrated with OHSU, which brought additional resources to our community. Vascular surgery and tele-ICU, notably, have been welcome additions. CMH's professional staff and caregivers responded with ingenuity and teamwork to ensure and improve the health and welfare of our community.

I would also like to recognize the achievements and contributions of Dr. Robert Holland and Dr. Katherine Merrill, who retired in 2020, and Dr. Ramchander Madhavarapu ("Dr. Ram"), who retired in 2021. They have been pillars in our medical community for decades. We also said goodbye to Dr. Nathan Amrine. The compassion, professionalism and leadership of these medical professionals will be missed.