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Annual Report 2021 A year in review

Looking back on another year of COVID-19
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Looking to a bright future

Following on the heels of last year, 2021 continued to be a trying time for hospitals throughout Oregon. Bed shortages, staffing challenges, illness, vaccine mandates, face masks and, above all, uncertainty, highlighted the year. The CMH management team stepped up again and did an outstanding job of maintaining flexibility in addressing each new issue, while along the way, maintaining the organization’s financial stability.

Virtual meetings have become second-nature. The staff has mastered telehealth and put technology to work. Patient care and safety remain first in everyone’s minds.

Leadership maintained an essential incident command center in times of crisis. Portions of the hospital were quickly changed to safely care for COVID patients. Partnering with the county and neighboring health care facilities, CMH helped provide COVID vaccines and testing for the community. Throughout the year, we were privileged to welcome seventeen new physicians and advanced practice practitioners.

While remaining an independent facility, the health of the North Coast has been augmented by our evolving partnership with OHSU. Our providers have increased access to specialty services, advice from new colleagues and the advantages that come from being close to state-of-the-art research.

Despite all the challenges of 2021, the Board of Trustees continues to look forward to bright potential for CMH. The not-too-distant future will see additional services added, major changes in the physical plant and increased resiliency with an eco-friendly environment. The Board remains dedicated to CMH being the leader in health care and wellness for the North Oregon Coast.