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4 principles to guide our way

What we're keeping in mind as we build

When CMH began this project, the first order of business was to provide guiding principles, or recommendations, that offered universal and enduring direction to the expansion project. The Board of Trustees decided on four main areas that highlighted the most critical aspects of the build and why we are embarking on this mission.

Planetree and quality

Maintaining our Planetree Gold Level certification and reflecting it in all hospital buildings is of utmost importance at CMH. The promise of person-centered care to both our patients and caregivers is what makes us unique.

With a new facility, we can optimize flows and operational efficiencies to increase patient safety and satisfaction. To do this, we will use evidence-based design and research. A state-of-the-art hospital will help attract and retain top-level caregivers to provide excellent health care services for many years to come.

Regional resiliency and environmental championship

The CMH campus is located within the Cascadia Subduction Zone (XL) tsunami inundation area. It is also bordered by the L-size earthquake inundation area along Exchange Street on the north side. Serious considerations will be given and expected for a resilient design that will survive a natural disaster. The facility’s overall design will bring together the region’s beauty, emphasizing natural light and views, while maintaining the safety standards required to provide excellent care to our patients and community.

This expansion will allow CMH to continue to grow, bringing new services and technology to the community. The CMH Board is focused on the specialties that are appropriate for a rural facility to offer and keeping patients from having to travel long distances for care. Creating a flexible design that supports continued development in primary and secondary service areas is a must.

Community connection

As an employer and a health care provider, CMH considers it our responsibility to be a good neighbor. We hope to integrate the campus within the community, accommodating and exceeding future health and wellness needs. In constructing a center to care for the whole person, we will utilize local businesses and talent whenever possible.

Financial stewardship

CMH is a private, not-for-profit hospital. This designation means that no local property tax revenue is used to support our vision and mission. We do not work under the umbrella of a giant corporation and must earn what we use to complete any project in our hospital and clinics. Consequently, we plan to fund the expansion with four sources: using saved cash on hand, taking on new and manageable debt, running a capital fundraising campaign, and applying for grants.

It is vital to the organization that we remain a Medicare-designated critical access hospital and that the expansion’s design is adaptable for the future needs of CMH and the community.

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