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Get to know the architect/design team

ZGF Architects LLP is a design firm with a focus on architecture, interior design and planning.

A truly multidisciplinary firm, within its ranks are not only architects, interior designers and urban planners but also artists, sociologists, journalists, registered nurses and engineers. This breadth of expertise and diversity allows for holistic problem-solving; each individual's unique perspective brings the opportunity for greater innovation.

The firm has been a part of the programming and design of hospitals and clinical facilities across the country in urban and rural settings. ZGF works to address the challenges in rural health care that aren't present in most urban environments, such as workforce shortages, health inequity and other socioeconomic factors. Those issues present great opportunities for community hospitals like CMH to continue providing the best care in their communities.

The foundation of ZGF's approach is to create supportive, healing environments that provide patient-focused care. With these projects, the practice has developed an understanding of community medical centers, integrating new and emerging technologies, and designing environments that increase the quality of care and success of patient outcomes.

Rich Shiga, ZGF Project Manager for the Design Team

What excites you most about the BuildCMH Expansion Project?

CMH has a long history as the foundation for the health and wellness of Astoria and all throughout the Columbia coast region. This project is an opportunity to strengthen and grow that crucial role.

For our team to be an effective part of that process, it's important that we build a trusted relationship with you and your community. With the exciting, community-focused resiliency goals of this project, it's important that we tailor a process and design that not only makes sense for you today but is forward-thinking to provide flexibility for the future.

Emma Sawrey, ZGF Interior Designer

Can you talk about your connection to the Astoria area?

I was born at CMH, grew up in the Cullaby Lake area and went to Seaside High School. Through family heritage and participating in the community, I've learned about the rich history of Clatsop County and understand the importance of those connections.

I personally understand the importance of having rural health care services. My dad was a patient at CMH, and my family and I are thankful to have had these resources locally. I feel honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this team and contribute to the community through the BuildCMH Expansion Project.

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