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Going the distance for Lower Columbia Hospice

For Dr. Aaron Brown, it's a race against time in more ways than one. From September 21-22, he'll join a friend across the pond for a 180-mile bike ride across England. They plan to complete the distance in just 24 hours, each raising money for hospice care as they go.

Dr. Aaron Brown, of the CMH-OHSU Health Primary Care Clinic - Astoria, will complete a bike ride fundraiser for Lower Columbia Hospice in September 2022.

Dr. Brown is a primary care physician with the CMH-OHSU Health Primary Care Clinic - Astoria. When he heard about his friend's goal, he knew he had to come along for the ride. He has chosen to raise funds for CMH's Lower Columbia Hospice with his effort.

Hospice, which usually cares for patients in their last days or weeks of life, holds special meaning for Dr. Brown. He is riding in memory of his father and sister, who have passed away.

"The pain of biking 180 miles doesn't compare to the loss of a loved one, whether it comes as a surprise or happens gradually," Dr. Brown says. "I have seen firsthand how Lower Columbia Hospice offers families meaningful care and support as they say goodbye to their loved ones. It's an honor to support them with this ride."

Dr. Brown and his friend will ride from Liverpool to Mablethorpe, England, with a stop halfway at Leeds. Dr. Brown has been training for two hours a day, riding up to 40 miles. To be fully prepared, he aims to go up to 80 miles a day at home. Although he hasn't completed a 180-mile ride before, he is up for the challenge and excited to spend time with his friend while supporting local hospice care.

How can you assist? Help Dr. Brown and area hospice patients as he races to the finish. Donate any amount per mile that Dr. Brown completes for Lower Columbia Hospice.