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CMH donates automated CPR device to Lewis & Clark Fire Department

Hospital news | Monday, May 15, 2023

Contact: Sarah Bello

LUCAS 3 chest compression device will support first aid in medical emergencies

Columbia Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the donation of a LUCAS 3 chest compression device for the Lewis & Clark Fire District.

CMH donated funds to the fire district to purchase the device, which cost nearly $19,000.

“Lewis & Clark Fire would like to thank CMH for the donation of funds for our Lucas Device,” says Jeff Golightly, fire district chief. “The addition of this critical, lifesaving device to our department and the communities that we serve will be critical in helping to save lives and assisting firefighters in providing quality care for our patients.”

The LUCAS 3 device is expected to improve the fire district’s operational productivity. Using the device removes fatigue, individual variations and psychological factors from CPR, with no need to switch CPR providers every two minutes. The device also frees up a set of hands to help with other efforts and utilize responders more efficiently.

The automated CPR device may also enhance outcomes for patients whose transport to the hospital can exceed 45 minutes from the time of an initial cardiac event.

“CMH is honored to support first responders and patients in our community with the donation of the LUCAS 3 device,” says Erik Thorsen, CMH CEO.