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Happy Speech and Hearing Month

Hospital news | Friday, May 20, 2022

Contact: Sarah Bello

By Donna Bzdil, OTR/L, Rehab Manager

As May rolls in with the beauty of spring flowers, we celebrate Speech Therapy Month. I find it an honor to work with the speech therapists we have here at Columbia Memorial Hospital.

Imagine the frustration after a stroke, when you can’t understand the words you hear or speak words to interact with your family. Or after cancer treatment, you lose the ability to swallow the foods you love.

At CMH, we have a strong speech therapy department with therapists who have excellent skills and knowledge to help those in our community who are having challenges with communication, speech, cognition, sensory processing, eating and swallowing deficits. Our team can address those areas and help clients, from babies to mature adults, effectively and safely engage in their life activities.

I am proud of our team here at CMH: Alexis Aiello, Anna Scott, Beth Newenhof and Lindsey Mizell Wallace. They have worked hard to grow the department and provide the best treatment to patients.

I love each of these therapists' passion for their profession and how driven they are to expand their knowledge to be sure we have the programs needed to address our community. I am excited for the future of our speech department and to see where it will go.

Thank you, Alexis, Anna, Beth and Lindsey, for all the wonderful programs and services you provide to our community. Let’s all celebrate the speech team we have at CMH.

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