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Financial Assistance

We have a team of financial counselors here to assist you with estimating your financial responsibility prior to receiving services and to assist you after you receive care. Our team can provide you with marketplace insurance plan options, assist you with enrolling in Medicaid, and/or determine payment plan or financial assistance options.

Apply for financial assistance

Do you need medical care and don't have health insurance? Or, do you have insurance, but it's not enough? If so, you have options. Please contact a financial counselor to discuss your eligibility for different programs of assistance. You may qualify for a partial or full discount off your bill.

To find out if you are able to receive financial assistance, you will need to:

Once we have your complete application, we will let you know within 30 days if you qualify for assistance.

Your discount depends on how much your household family income is, how many dependents you have, and what assets you have available to pay for care. If you earn 400% or less of the federal poverty guidelines published by Health and Human Services annually, you may qualify for assistance. Click here to see the 2023 CMH Financial Assistance Discount Table.

Other financial assistance

We can assist with Medicaid enrollments in Oregon and Washington as well as with marketplace plans. We offer discounts and multiple payment plan options. You can learn more about those options on our billing page.

Need assistance?

For more information: