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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Decisions about patient care and the patient experience should include a patient perspective. This is why the Columbia Memorial Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a very important group of people.

The PFAC is a committee of community members that share their perspective with leaders, collaborate with hospital employees and work on improvement projects. This group has been speaking up for patients since 2012 in discussions about the hospital experience.

The PFAC's goals are to:

  • Share thoughts, opinions, questions, concerns and ideas to help improve the patient experience and overall care.
  • Collaborate with hospital employees to improve the health care experience in our community.
  • Work on improvement projects that improve care and experience at CMH.


The PFAC has assisted with and led many projects to improve care and experience:

  • New inpatient beds and pillows.
  • Ease of finding appointment locations.
  • Consulting on construction projects and website design.
  • Access to care, referral to specialties and scheduling appointments.
  • Patient access to their chart and health information.
  • Caregiver support and enhancing work satisfaction.
  • LGBTQIA health care experience.

Joining PFAC

We welcome patients, family or friends of patients, and community members served by CMH to join the PFAC. We are always looking for people who are passionate about improving health care in our community.

PFAC members meet monthly and are part of the hospital's Planetree Caregiver Council. This generally requires two to three hours a month.

PFAC members who are onboarded to CMH as a volunteer will enjoy our volunteer benefits, including discounts at CMH gift shop, central supply and pharmacy; free meals when you volunteer; and 50% off medical bills after insurance is processed.

Apply to PFAC

Thank you for your interest in joining the CMH Patient and Family Advisory Council. Your input and participation will make a difference to patients, visitors and caregivers for years to come. Click here to apply to join the committee.

Your application will be reviewed by the PFAC facilitator, and we will reach out to you as soon as we have reviewed your application.